Belting Yarns

The long beard hairs of the camel are spun into yams for belting, carpets, etc. (see Camel Hair)

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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  • Camel Hair Yarns — The camel gives two kinds of hair A short downy body hair and a coarse long and strong beard hair, which is used for yarns for making belting. The soft downy hair is used for yarns for dressing gowns, rugs etc. The long hair is removed from the… …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

  • Ducks, Belting — Very heavy, plain cloth used for driving belts, 42 in. wide, 20 ends and 16 picks per inch, 8 s T., 4 s W. Yarns must be of good staple and clean cotton. The cloth is required to have great breaking strength. It must be well woven and quite level …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

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  • Camel Hair — The soft downy hair from the haunches and under part of the camel. Length of fibre is 4 in up to 10 in. The yarn is a soft worsted type and much used for carpets, hosiery, hatting, dressing gowns rugs etc. Spun into about 30 s counts and then… …   Dictionary of the English textile terms

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